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Effortless Document Scanning, Archiving, & Management. All in the Cloud

About Us

Olympic Digital Scanning recognizes the risk and hassle of storing your construction documents and would like to help you free-up costly storage space. These construction documents are at risk of damage, degradation and loss and can often be hard to find. ODS would like to be your solution for wide format document management by using a secure online archiving system to store and organize construction documents. These documents would be available 24/7 with a secure login with the ability to search, download, and share these plans with contractors and clients.

Olympic Digital Scanning uses the cloud and a mirror backup to securely store these documents electronically making them safe and easy to locate. ODS scans all plans with a minimum of 400 dpi (dots per inch) making them high quality scans which are reviewed multiple times before being stored in the cloud.

Why use ODS?

Olympic Digital Scanning not only makes the process as simple as possible, we make managing your documents easier than ever.

  • We do everything for you
  • Effortless implimentation
  • No capital investment
  • No additional manpower needed

Industries Served

Olympic Digital Scanning provides document scanning, archiving and management to various industries. Just some of our clients we serve:

  • Local Municipalities
  • Architectural Firms
  • Government & Legal
  • Engineering & Planning Firms
  • Contractors

Our Process

From day one, our process focuses on getting your construction documents out of your hands and up to our cloud. ODS serves as your archive service providing you the ability to search your records by commonly used fields such as Owner, Address, Permit #, Lot & Block to list a few. Once scanned, archived and/or downloaded there will be no need to leave your desk to retrieve construction documents. Anyone with approved credentials can view the documents. A record is made of when and who accessed these records for additional protection.

Contact Info

We can be reached via email or phone during regular business hours.

  • ODS Administrative Offices
  • 302 E Pennsylvania Blvd
  • Feasterville, PA 19053
  • Toll Free: 844-ODS-SCAN
  • Email: info@ods-scans.com

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